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Our company was founded in February 2008 and is located in Nantong City.With eight years of hard work,we have co-established the production bases including hardware factory,toy factory,fabric company and so on with multi-industryprofessionals nationwide. We are a professional company of self-management and agency of import and export, our products have been widely exported to well-known companies from a dozen countries and districts,such as the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia

Customizable,fast response, support for smal batch orders,plant equipment,etc.

Face is in the high-end market,the quality must be high quality.

The company’s team is composed of a manager with 20 years experience in import and export trade and amajor of international trade.

Our market sales all over the world,the customer base is foreign wholesalers,large trading companies.

Contact information

Nantong Dongyi Import and Export Co.,LTD.

Address: Room 509,2th Building, JingCheng Technology Park, No.398 YongHe Road, GangZha,Nantong,Jiangsu,China

TEL: 0086-513-51000237    FAX: 0086-513-51000217   P.C:226011

General Manager: Mr.Peidong Li    (0086)13338076389


Skype: ntdyjck   WhatsApp: 13338076389  QQ: 597241459  Wechat: ntdyjck

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